keep mial on server

I want to leave a copy of the email on the server so it is available to my machine at work.

Where is this setting?

when using IMAP, your mails are on the server until you delete them, but if you use POP protocol, you can set it here: Tools - Accounts - select the account and click the tab “POP3”. Here you can check a possibility “Leave a copy of messages on the server”

How do I change from IMAP to POP3? The POP3 tab does not show. I did not set this up - it was an auto set up and the option never came up.

if you want to use POP3 protocol instead of IMAP, please proceed as following:

  1. Disable the existing account (do not delete it, it is some sort of backup)
  2. Go to: Tools - Accounts - New Account - Mail - Other and configure your account manually (using POP3)
  3. If everything works well, you can delete the account you have disabled before.

There’s no option, still. Please help!

You might be using the green Start Now button that is prominent in the New Account window. 

Don’t do that.  Instead: click on the down arrow at the right of the Mail row.  It will open up that row and you will see Other.  Click on that and then Next. 

This puts you into manual setup which will provide an opportunity to make it POP.  We live in a IMAP centric world, POP is old news.  But POP is better security when mail services are getting hacked into (as AOL recently admitted to).

Hi Cy, as SoftQue below suggested, when creating a new account there are several tabs in the account creation window, do not use the automatic setup but switch to the ‘Mail’ tab below the Automatic Setup, click on ‘Other’ and proceed with the steps, use the POP3 settings for your mail service and that should do the trick.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need further assistance,