Keep loseing my blacklist.

I blacklist (Move to Junk and Blacklist domain) emails and about a week they show back up in my emails.  The only thing I can figure out is that EM stores these as cookies and when I clear my cookies, I wipe out my blacklist.  Is there any other reason that things are not staying black listed?   This has been going on for over a year. I have the newest version installed.  Perhaps, I am black listing things incorrectly.  If I want to list something as junk, do I choose Black List email or black list domain?  Nether one seems to get rid of things for very long.  Also, when most of them come back; they show at the top of my inbox, even when that is not where they would be alphabetically.  This is really driving me nuts!

When you blacklist an email that address is added to the Blacklist Rule. You can go to Menu > Tools > Rules, and view the addresses in the blacklist. The only way to remove them is manually deleting them from the Rule, deleting the whole blacklist Rule or by right-click on the email in Junk and choosing moving to Inbox and remove blacklist.

If it is the exact same address and the email is not going to Junk, it may because the blacklist Rule is unticked, the address is not in the Rule, or the Rule has been deleted.