Keep getting the "would you like to delete old data from previous versions" message, Every day!

Every time I run the app, I keep getting the pop up message asking me if i want to delete old data.  This is really annoying and makes me think that a previous upgrade didn’t work properly or the application just isn’t actually deleting the old data, but just keeps prompting me.  Why on earth would i keep getting this message?  What can I do to stop this from happening?

I think I may have resolved this issue by clicking the delete old data from Tools->Settings->Storage.

The message is gone, but its funny how it doesn’t do this when you click from the pop-up menu.

Hi I have the same problem, any solution is welcome

Had the same problem.  Be careful with this deleting because it can remove some old mail.  I’m afraid of how this works.  I like to be able to manage my data rather than arbitrarily giving ok to delete whatever you see fit.  It remove mail from local folders so watch out.