Keep getting "folder contains excess whitespace" warning

Every time the computer starts we get the following message.  We’ve renamed the folder to “Auto–The Hartford,” but keep getting this same message even though it no longer has the colon and space in the name.  Logging into Gmail on the web shows the new name with dashes in the middle.  Not sure why this keeps popping every time you log into the PC. 

Any help?

Did you rename the folder within eMC after renaming it at Gmail?

I ran into this problem with Gmail, so I ended up first creating a new folder on Gmail and move all the messages from the offending folder into that one. Exit from eMC. Now delete the offending folder at Gmail.

Next re-create the folder with the dashes in the name as you specified. Move the messages at Gmail from the new folder you created back into that renamed folder. Then delete the new folder that is now empty.

Re-open eMC and see if things now work.