keep getting errors about settings to my POP server. I need help connecting. Carbonite has eM backed up but couldn't find it.

I went to open my emails and nothing is there, not even my contacts. I called Carbonite to learn if they had it backed up and they do but their support tech couldn’t solve the problem and suggested I call eM Client… BUT no phone number.

Hi Marjorie,

which version of eM Client are you using?

which operating system?

did you recently install an update of eM Client?

Hi, try using this version… it should help you with your issue.

Use file - backup… before update please.


Will that restore all my contacts into eM client?

Will my Carbonite program auto back up …before I download that link?

Hi Marjorie,

John meant to backup the eM Client data files from within eM Client.

Personally, I sometimes make a copy of the whole eM Client data directory before I install / upgrade to a newer version.

In that case you don’t need to wait till Carbonite has made a remote backup of your eM Client data files.

OK thanks for your help…I am thinking of upgrading to Pro client so that I can talk to a tech…?How much is that?

You can check the price of eM Client on the website…it’s 50 USD for a single license and 100 USD for a lifetime license.

Did you try to copy the directory with data files of eM Client before installing an update?

Did you try to install the latest version?

Hi, can you tell me if this version has helped you?


having the same problems: can you assist?

Hi Solomonone,

Which version of eM Client are you using?

Did installing the latest version (mentioned in this thread) help?

Hi, have you followed my pinned message (right under original topic post)?