Keep getting error messages

I have just recently downloaded EM client to replace Outlook and really like the look of it and the features.  The only problem is i keep getting error messages as below.  Is there anything i can do to stop this happening please as i find it a bit annoying. Thankyou.

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I have a US  hotmail account that was defined by emclient when I used add account function.
These are my parameters (US )   check yours
If you have version 7   top left go to
   Select your email acct
   select IMAP
       values should be (in US anyway)
       port  993
       security policy   use ssl/tsl on special port legecy 

  select smtp
      port  587
      security policy  force usage of ssl/tsl

Hopes this helps

Hi.  Thanks for the info.  I have checked my email accounts and they are all set up as you have stated.

2 final checks
1 look for program   dbrepair.exe   under the c:\program files /86\emclient   and run it .
maybe something is broken in emclient db.
2 final test disable all accounts  and delete one and re set it up and just run the one for a test for an hour.

   under the General tab at bottom is a check box to enable  unclick to disable for a while
      (include while sending or receiving )
After that open up a support ticket  as I cannot provide any other clues
Good Luck

Hello Donna,
first of, I suggest trying to set up this account as Exchange, as your server might have been changed and that could cause the issue.
Just set your account manually in New Account window - instead of Automatic setup use the Mail>Exchange option.

If the issue continues, I will need the content of the Log tab in the Operations window you screenshot.


Hi Olivia.  

Many thanks for your reply.  I had a look in the accounts and clicked add account and there only seems to be the option to use auto set up.  When i originally installed EMClient the accounts were automatically transferred from my Outlook account and i have three email accounts. All of them were transferred over and are working but i understand that you can only have 2 email accounts with the free version.  Could this be why there are issues.



Hello Donna,
if you have a FREE account and more than 2 accounts set up, they will simply be disabled and greyed out, not cause errors.
Please do try to follow the Exchange setup, I’ll attach of screenshot where this option is:

Thankyou I’ll look into the exchange account option. Just to point out though, all three accounts are working neither are disabled or greyed out.

Many thanks