keep getting error message about Drafts folder being on the server but not accessible for me

I keep getting this error message each time I open eM Client (new user, from Gmail): 1_0:15:13 PM [IMAP]  MailClient.Storage.Application.OperationException: Unable to create folder “” on the server. ([ALREADYEXISTS] Duplicate folder name (Failure))_  What in the world is going on here?  I even deleted this account and started all over again, to no avail. 

Think I just fixed this issue…  Discovered several categories (shown as “labels”) per my Google Mail account settings that were not checked as “show,” which included the Drafts folder. So far, it looks OK (except that I now have some double folders…will have to see about eliminating one of them via Google Mail). 


Glad to hear your issue has been resolved. It is exactly as you say - since the Drafts system folder was hidden from eM CLient, it attempted to create its own folder that would allow it to operate. This folder then couldn’t be uploaded to server because folder of the same name was already there.
As for getting rid of the double folders, the easiest way is to open eM Client, go to the folder that you want to delete, press Ctrl+A that selects all the messages, copy them to the folder that you want to keep and delete the other folder.