Keep focus in message pane

Hi. Just downloaded v. 6, free edition.

A nit persists, and I wonder whether this will be addressed. I’m reading an e-mail, I click in the message pane area, scroll down to read the entire e-mail. When I’m done, I archive the e-mail. The next mail displays, but the focus returns to the message list. I have to click on the message pane again to read the entire e-mail.

Why can’t the focus just stay where I put it? It would make life so easy.


Hi, focus should be on your mouse, so where you have your mouse pointed that panel should be scrolled using mouse wheel.


And there’s the rub. I dislike having to use the mouse so much. Keyboard is for me! It would be nice if the focus could just remain on the message display area and allow me to archive or delete, then move on to the next message. Yes, that last part works correctly, but to scroll through the next message, I have to move the mouse again. Very inconvenient, IMO.

Thanks so much for the good response.

I think we should have a key shortcut to put the focus on the list with e-mails and another key shortcut to put the focus in the preview panel.

I am seeing a lot threads on this topic on forum these days, but please mind that this is not possible to be done other way that it is at this moment.
We have no way how to keep focus between those two windows at this moment.

I am not saying it will not be repaired one day, but now it seems impossible to us.