keep emails on the server while deleting them locally on eM client on the computer

How can i stop eM client from syncing trash folder, i am using gmail account and i dont want to move emails to trash on the server when i delete them on eM client locally on my computer. i may need these emails in future, at the same time i dont want to keep them locally on my computer.

This is only possible if you set your account using POP3 protocol. IMAP protocol mirrors all the changes in eM Client to server and vice versa.

Hi Thanks for the quick reply BUT i dont see any option to set my email account as POP3 protocol in account settings , it show only IMAP and if try to set it as POP3 in the IMAP section , the eM client shows settings failed

You have to configure it manually. Click Tools - Accounts - New account - Mail - Other and click Next. Let me know if you need my further advice.