Just updated em client to 6.0.22283.0 and it no longer works with Virgin Media.

Just updated em client to 6.0.22283.0 and it no longer works with Virgin Media. Just keep asking for username and password and then comes up with invalid page. Tried deleting account but can’t get it to work.

Hi, unfortunately not completely sure what you’re referring to, can you please make a screenshot of the issue and submit it to us here on the forum? Are you seeing any errors thrown by the application?

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No Errors.  After update completed it will not download any new emails.  A virgin media window pops up asking for username and password even though they are stored against the account.  When you enter the username and password another window pops up saying ‘The page you requested is invalid’.  When you exit the pop up window it says ‘Authentication process is not finished.  Are you sure you want to cancel?’.  No matter how long you leave it nothing happens. 

Screenshots attached.

I get the same issue with GMAIL business version. I send and receive and I get a screen to login but that screen never goes away. Normal Gmail is fine.

Can I go back to the previous version which works fine.  I have it on my laptop and it isn’t prompting me for the update on there.

Hi, this is a new authentication method, OAuth as Google has made some authentication changes and the standard password authentication won’t be no longer possible for accounts connecting through a 3rd party applications like eM Client.

If you’re seeing the invalid window, are you using any firewall, proxy software on your computer or maybe have a proxy setting setup in Internet Explorer on your computer? If you do, can you please temporarily try to disable these options and check if the issue persists?

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I have checked all this and it still does not work. Can you provide us a link to the version prior to this please? Otherwise, our office will need to get off emclient and go to outlook with google sync as they can’t work efficeintly with the Gmail web client.

No software firewall, proxy software on my computer.  Going to delete em client and see if I can install the previous version which I still have in downloads.

Don’t want to but in, but this may help.

I am having exactly the same problem.  If I ignore the attempt to login and then look at emClient accounts  I have noticed that  the Identity Credentials have disappeared and there are no entry boxes for me to add them.

Hi Gordon

I still had the identity credentials filled in but it just wouldn’t receive.  I have now gone back to previous version which appears to be working ok now.

Not completely satisfactory but it will have to do for now.

Hi Portia,

Yes, I reimaged my C drive from this morning’s backup and it works.  However, I suspect on Monday it will stop as Google remove the old service. 

I have also temporarily fixed this by uninstalling and re-installing version 6.0.21372.0 .  Turning my firewall off didn’t work with the latest version.

Hello, sorry about the inconvenience, you should be able to re-setup your Virgin media account using the new release of eM Client using the manual setup, to do so, navigate to Tools > Accounts > New account, but instead of using the automatic setup, select the Mail tab below and select Other.

Use the recommended server settings provided by Virgin media and proceed to setup the account. Unfortunately it is not possible to authenticate with Virgin media accounts using OAuth, but the Google Apps solution does force the application to check and brings up the OAuth authentication window.

Hopefully we’ll be able to improve the behavior with this specific branding of Google Apps in future releases of eM Client.

Sorry about the inconvenience, hope this helps.

Paul, I have been using em Client with my SRemail account for 2 years. With the most recent update it no longer works. It appears to be an SMTP issue. What changed and how do I fix this?

Hello Chip, not completely sure how is this issue related to the above, there has been no changes to SMTP, the only major change was OAuth authentication method that was implemented for Google Accounts, this change has been made due to deprecation of the previous options on how to authenticate with the server.

Not including this option in eM client would result in your inability to access Google accounts, but not really sure if there’s any existing link between Google’s solution and your SRemail account.