Just update my Emclient 6 to 7, i can't use save as function for my email to save in different file name.

As in Emclient 6, i remembered that I can save my email as different file name with selected folder but now for Emclient 7, I only can choose folder to save but nothing I can change the file name. Pls tell me how to do or this function was forgotten in this version.

This function is still there, only hidden away in the context menue. A right klick in the header or in the text body of the email will reveal the “save as…” command.

You can assign any name you want. You will find the file under your newly assigned name in explorer. But be aware, when you open the file, it still has its old filename. But this is also the case with outlook. I save all my important mails in folders together with other documents belonging  to the same project and simply add the date to the file name. Today would be 160519_filename.eml. The “embedded” filename never changes, but only shows up, when you opeen the file, the flename in explorer remains what you changed it into. As I said, this is the same with outlook so I doubt that it has something to do with a bug in EmClient.

Or Menu > File > Save as

Thank you, one more hiding place discovered. I really wish the would return to the “normal” old fashioned menue, at least as an option.

If you have in-line editing enabled, you can change the Subject of the email message and then save as described above and it will retain the new name.

Thks to all replies.  My problem is that i can find command menu of save as but i can’t change the name.  My pc displayed as below.  For IsoQuantic reply, where is “in-line editing enalbled”?

My previous Em Client 6 can do save as function without any problems.

Go to Settings.
Under Appearance, check the Allow in-cell editing in the Lists Properties section.
Once a message content is viewed in the preview pane or opened separately you can edit the Subject. Close the email and then export it with the new name.

Also, right-click any email message and select the Save As… option to save the message with a file name other than its subject.

Thank you! This was great advice. Where did you learn that. I have been looking for documentation on the web site and didn’t find anything.



Allow in cell editing had been always selected but I still can’t edit the file name from save as menu.

Select any email message in your list of emails.
Right click and select Save as…

Change the name of the file in the Windows save dialog that has opened.
Then click the Save button.


What am I missing in your situation?

Saving a *.eml item is a Windows function, not an eM Client function, so if you cannot change the name of a *.eml file something is wrong with your Windows environment, not with eM Client.

In fact, just select a message and drag it to your desktop. It will be stored there named as whatever the Subject was at the time. You can then right click that saved file and Rename it per the usual Windows operating system functionality.

Hi!  Just clicked on the recent update, but it turned out to be a complete upgrade.  Has reset to different format, and cannot save emails, just as described here.  Save As only gives folder names, not document name, and then path is not recognised.  This is not Windows, as it was fine before your upgrade.  How can I save emails, and how can I return to previous version, as it was a lot better, and actually worked!  Thanks.

I too have been wondering about this.
I would certainly like to have the option of more discrete control of the file name when saving an email.
Certainly the eM Client default could be presented as a pre-filled value in the “Save as…” dialogue, but the ability to override would be an option I would like to see restored, even as an option in a contextual menu.

By default it uses the subject as the file name, but you can change that in the save as dialogue to whatever you want.

That looks pretty good, and just what I would prefer, but it is not the “Save as…” dialogue that I see with latest/current eM Client (v. 7.1.32716.0) on Win 7.

Only a folder is available for selection, no file name, no file type.

Judging from the previous comments on this thread, either you are running an earlier version, or a special version, or there is a yet to be documented or hidden option to switch from folder to file mode.

Some of use would be interested in knowing what option is available to allow eM Client to use standard dialog protocols rather than this folder only version.

My screenshot was from 7.1.32716.

I think that you are trying to save more than one email at a time. If you want to save each mail with a custom file name, you need to select them individually. When saving more than one at a time, the filenames are automatically taken from the subject, as individual dialogues for each item are not possible.

No, only a single email.
I open the email, for instance, the email I received for your comment above,
and select; Menu / File / Save as… 
and I get the same dialogue as displayed in the screen shot on my previous reply; folder selection only.

What I am looking for is the setting which switches from Folder to File selection for the “Save as…” dialogue.

I get the the same dialogue whether I use the File / Save as… with an open email, or using the right-click context menu option from the inbox on a single email.

Check that you are not trying to save the whole conversation. If you right-click on a conversation, that means you are trying to save more than one message. Try to right-click on the message header in the message detail window, not the message list window.