Just ran an update from eM client and now the eM program will not open.

 I am dead in the water. Can’t access my email folders and the program. Really frustrated with this program and this forum…24 hours and no response. eM does not seem to care…way to stand by your product!!!

Hey Jeffrey,

Have you tried to contact the support?: info@emclient.com

You can also back it up (in you AppData/EmClient) or use an existing backup, even a simple uninstall does not delete your database, as far as I now: https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/update-issue-and-incorrect-version-number-7-2-x

Then you can try to uninstall and reinstall the latest version.

I hope I could help you

I agree with Dan. The best is to uninstall and then download and install the latest version.

Uninstall will not delete your data (unless using something like Revo), but to be safe make a copy of the %appdata%\eM Client folder.