just one recurring calendar appt is one hour off (mac)

i have one recurring calendar appt that is one hour off but when i open the appt the time is correct. all my other appts are correct. any idea what might be going on?

Is the timezone of that event the same timezone as the other events?

the meeting was probably created by someone in a different time zone but when i open the even it shows the correct time zone for me. it just displays in the wrong time in the week calendar view.

And the timezone displayed in that event is the same timezone in you Mac OS settings?

i dont see a time zone in the event (see attached jpeg). also, meeting going on right now (Arr5) now shows up twice - at the right time and an hour later (again see attached)

Yeah, in the Windows version I think the timezone is not displayed if it created in the same zone you are in.

If there are two events, maybe one was created in error and has the wrong time.

But as a Pro License user you can always open a support ticket with eM Client and have them look into it for you. 

it only showed up as one event yesterday. it shows fine in apple calendar, outlook, and google. i don’t want to spend $50 on this if it cant be resolved. i will buy if we can figure it out.

Well, you don’t really have a choice. If you want to continue using the software for business use after the 30 day evaluation, then you would have to purchase a Pro License as you cannot use a Free License for business use.

But one thing you could try is to remove the account from eM Client, then add it again. It may just be some database corruption.

Eric was this specific calendar event that is showing duplicated in em client on your Mac originally created in iCloud Calendar, Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar on Mac ?

Hello, I had the same problem. I bought a license and someone tried to help. no solution was found. It is a bug in emclient. I am very surprised that Gary is not interested in a solution. It is the product with which he makes money.
I got my money back because version 8 is also useless.
Or did you find a solution?