Just downloaded em this month but many times e-mail header shows but says message can't be downloaded because I'm not connected

Just downloaded em this month but many times e-mail header shows but says message can’t be downloaded because I’m not connected to the server. How did it get the header if I’m not connected? I can go to outlook.com and get the message.

Hi Ray, I was facing the same problem mainly with a google accounts. It was last Friday, but today (Monday) is everything ok without any adjustment

I’ve had this since I downloaded it a few weeks ago.

you made automatic account setting during installation? Maybe better to set email accounts by yourself and adjust same parameters like outlook

Hi Ray,
can you copy the content of Tools>Operations>Log window here after the program tries to sync for a while? It should contain more information about what the problem could be.


error reads: An attempt to connect to ray.jay@sympatico.ca failed. This could be caused by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings. Settings looks fine so clicked diagnostics and that said all OK.
This error code keeps coming up even when I am getting the e-mails through. 
I’ll try the diagnostics again tomorrow when it acts up again.
How can it not be connected to the server when it gets the heading through, just not the message?

OK, I just contacted my provider and there is updated info from what I used to have apparently.
I changed the info under IMAP and SMTP but I don’t know how to change the IMAP to POP3 or does it matter if I’ve changed the host and port under both incoming and outgoing?

I’ve screwed it up now. It won’t receive any e-mails at all now. It will send.
I didn’t write down the settings I changed so now I can’t even change it back.

I uninstalled eM from my PC and then installed it on my tablet which has never been used for e-mail before. Same problem exists here as well. Both are windows 10.
I ran the diagnostics via the account settings box and the test message header was received but not the content. Double clicked on the header and page came up saying the same.
Ran the diagnostics again and this time when the header came up there was no content when I clicked on it but double clicking produced the page WITH content. Also at the same time the last header from the first test worked.
I cleared the log (operations) and then I sent a message using Outlook.com on my PC and very quickly, on eM client the header was received with the note again in the content box that content couldn’t be downloaded because I’m not connected to the server.
Log messages are numerous but all about syncing messages and flolders, downloading messages part…D…,and sync messages Done.
I installed Windows live on my PC and it works for sending and receiving but it doesn’t sync with what is on outlook.com.
Is there maybe something in Windows 10 that is causing the problem with non microsoft e-mails?
If so can it be overridden?
That’s where I’m at now, very frustrated.

Hi Ray,
the message about server unavailability could also be caused by a third-party application blocking the eM Client communication with your mail server.
Can you try setting up an exceptiong in Windows firewall and anti-virus software for eM Client and see if the issue persists?
Also, if you do not want to use the IMAP setup that was done automatically, you can set up your account as POP manually by re-adding your account in Tools>Accounts and in New Account choose the Mail>Other option to set up your incoming and outgoing servers.


Well I’ve spent hours with searching for how to set eM exception in windows firewall but it won’t take the words eM client as it appears to be looking for an “exe” or “action” type name.
I did look at what it allows and it just allows “emails” with no specifics.
For Norton I can’t find an exception list, just for specific e-mails to allow or to block.
However, I had this problem before I installed Norton.
I can’t find a way to manually add the POP account as when I click add account it only gives the automatic provision and that is the IMAP one.
I set it up though and then changed the names and ports to the same as my windows live but the account wouldn’t work at all.
Now I deleted that account as it wouldn’t work anyway.
In testing, I still get the headers and sometimes I get content if I double click on the header but when I do get the content by double clicking, I then double click an earlier one that wouldn’t work and it still didn’t work.
I guess at 73 I’m just to old to figure this stuff out.

Dear Ray,
when you choose to add a new account, do not fill this automatic setting and go to second line where Mail is on picture.
On side you have a small arrow so click on it an roll out the menu.
Than choose “Other” if your email does not match with proposed Google/Exchange etc. (http://www.emclient.com/faq-account-setup)
When you choose “Other” then click “next” and new setting screen will appear , than fill in your email address and click next.
On next screen  you choose POP or IMAP , then next etc :
here are complete steps :
Do not worry it is easy I had the same problem -

Thanks Ross, that DID allow me to set up the POP account. I’ll have to see how it works now.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t sync with my outlook account, same as when I use windows live.
It appears that POP accounts don’t sync for some reason.
I just got this computer on Jan 7 2016 and before that I had Vista on my old computer and had switched to using eM client on that computer after I found Thunderbird was no longer being support/updated.
On that old computer, eM client worked for me AND synced, just set up using the automatic.
I don’t know why windows 10 OS is causing me such grief in my e-mails.
Again, thanks for the help on setting up the POP account.

Good, one problem is partiall solved, I do not use Microsoft email so I hav no experience to set it up, but it must be simillar to other accounts, Did you check in your Microsoft account if POP is allowed?
I check this account and there is as default setting for POP NOT Allowed! So this might be the problem.

Settiungs of your eM client shoud be like this I believe :

Incoming mail server (POP3)
Server Address: pop-mail.outlook.com
Port: 995
Encrypted connection: SSL

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)
Server Address: smtp-mail.outlook.com
Port 25 (or 587, if the port 25 is blocked)

Authentication: Yes
Encrypted connection: TLS
User name: Your e-mail address
Password: your password

No, while the Bell accounts are associated with Microsoft they use their own names.
We sign in to outlook using the bell information, not microsoft info.
Incoming POP3 is pophm.sympatico.ca still port 995
outgoing is Smtphm.sympatico.ca  port 25
In a message from Bell,
Quote:“Starting early 2016, active@bell.net and sympatico.ca email addresses will be moving to a new email system.” Microsoft services will no longer be associated with Bell email so that you can change your Bell passwords and not affect anything with the Microsoft accounts
I noticed that in one place it mentions if one has IMAP then the IMAP name will be imap.bell.net which is what automatically comes up when loading eM client. I don’t know if this means they will change my POP to IMAP or not. Maybe these old accounts with Bell from the mid 90’s can’t be upped to IMAP, I’ll have to find out.
Maybe I’m doing all this for nothing and will have other problems when they migrate the server.

Sounds a bit complicated to me, might be better to set up a new email address with google. You cen set up your old adress from Bell and re-direct emails to your new google account. I did so with all my old emails and after some time I am using only google email. But it is up to you. Strange is that on old computer was everything workin and now in new one is not working.

Yeah, I guess if no-one can come up with a resolution I’ll just have to wait until Bell migrates my account and see where I am at that point.
I just called Bell technical services and was told they haven’t been informed of the content of what is going to happen other than it is to begin in March 2016.

In talking with Bell again, I think they are fed up with my calls so they are going to migrate my account and it should end up as IMAP which hopefully will take care of my problem.
Now it’s just a wait game until they get it done, reportedly withing 3 to 4 weeks.
Thanks everyone for your time.

No problem, keeping fingers crossed :slight_smile: