Just click on account to see Inbox?

It seems silly to me that e-mail clients have a useless empty page that shows when you click on the account instead of clicking directly on the inbox, especially if you have a lot of e-mail addresses to deal with and you want to keep them collapsed.

Can’t you make an option that clicking the account shows the inbox?

Instead, right now, it’s just a blank page that says, “This folder contains no items and no operation can be performed.” Really pointless.


Thank you for the suggestion.
We’re aware of it and in version 8, this is already implemented and once you click on the account name, the Inbox folder is displayed.


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Russel, please inform the forecast date for the final implementation of version 8.

Hello Idacil,

The full version 8 release is planned in mid-June.


OK, Russel.
I inform you that I downloaded the latest beta version and it was great, eliminated the problem of overheating my notebook. Congratulations to the team.

Hello Idacil,

Thank you for your update and your kind words. I’m glad that it was fixed.


It’s really great that this has been added to version 8. It would be even of greater use if the Unread message count could be added to the Account Tree header when collapsed. That would allow users to see at a glance which accounts had unread messages in the inbox without having to reveal the subfolders every time to check.

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Hello Prgeno,

Actually, the new feature - Favourite Folders can do this.
Just mark all your Inboxes as Favourite and these will be displayed at the top of the folder tree with the Unread count displayed.
If the favourite folders are hidden, you can enable them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Favourite Folders.


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Hello Russel,

Thank you for the quick reply. I understand the Favorites will show the unread messages, but that isn’t really what I was suggesting and doesn’t really satisfy what I was suggesting. I prefer a very clean interface with a limited amount of clutter in the panes. I don’t have the favorites showing for that reason.

Here is my use case for my suggestion is to show the inbox unread count in the account header of the tree.

I have 5 email accounts in the tree, one of which is my primary account. I leave that account fully open with all the folders showing so I can quickly manage that account.

The other accounts are all collapsed and I have to now open each one to see if I’m missing anything that came in since I last looked. It would be nice to see the unread count at a glance without having to unfold each account to check.

Thank you for listening.


Yes, I too think this would be a great improvement.

absolutely agree about your request.
I add more, also the number of total emails in the folder, near to the unread ones, would be interesting.

That feature is already there. Just look at the Title Bar.

This shows the account name (in my case GMX) and that there are 2 unread of a total of 5 messages.

Not quite the same, but I think that is about as much as we will get. :wink:

Thx, it was just under my eyes…