Junkmal or Spam

Hello, perhaps can someone tell me how to deface it in em client, 
be filtered the Email spam and displayed separately? Can you be 
there to help me?

Hello Andrea,
eM Client puts SPAM and Junk mail into the given folder.
If you believe a message hasn’t been put to SPAM you can do so manually and also add the address/domain to your own Blacklist, so that it won’t happen again in the future.
Just use the ‘Move to Junk and blacklist address/domain’ option.


Hello, thanks for the answer. I had previously client Outlook 
as the default email. Since the junk mail or spam were 
automatically filtered, so my question. Actually, I find the 
client em pretty good, so I'll probably stick to it. But Well 
thank you, I have to manually move or create a blacklist, the mail