Junk Mail

I appreciate that this question. or similar, may have been asked many hundreds of times before but please bear with me.
Firstly, is it eM Client which determines which incoming mail goes into the Junk folder or is it my email service provider? If it is the latter I will take it up with them. However, if it is eM Client which categorises my incoming mail would somebody please give me step by step guidance how to  get mail from any particular sender  stop going into Junk and, conversely, how to get Incoming mail from particular senders that goes into my inbox re-directed to Junk. Thanks


eM Client does have a built-in spam filter. However it can be disabled in Tools>Rules and unchecking the spam filter checkbox. If the problem still persist and mails you want get put into Junk, it’s most probably a server issue. In the reverse case, when you want to blacklist someone to put their mails straight to Junk, simply click on their message, press the “Move to Junk” button and select blacklisting the sender or their domain.