Junk mail folder produces duplicate folder error

Hi - I’m getting a folder error message that repair doesn’t fix.

It reads: [IMAP] Unable to createfolder “folder name” on the server. ([ALREADY EXISTS] Duplicate folder name (Failure))

This is the Junk email folder and the messgae appeared shortly after I assigned my first junk mail.

in the first place please go to the account settings and enable the option “Automatically detect special folder names”. Let me know if it helps.

Thanks, George. However, this option was already set for both accounts. I welcome any further ideas.


can I ask what email account provider do you use?


Hi, Jan,

My email comes through Google - one address to a gmail.com account and the other to a domain which uses Google for its email.


then I will need your IMAP and SMTP logs.

Tools - Settings - Advanced - Under your accounts mark off IMAP and SMTP.

then restart client, make steps that leads to this error message again and then send me those logs to: [email protected] together with this thread’s address: https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…