Junk mail filtering

Only filters progressive emails.

Ok guys, uninstalling this pile of crap.
I get constant Right Wing email askin for money. but every single progressive institution that I am actually SIGNED UP FOR gets shoved into my Junk Email for some reason…

Do you hardcode this?

I am about to find out. and when I do Im going to post it all over the sourceforge.  

Hi Jefrrey, I’m not completely sure what the issue is here, can you make a screenshot of this? eM Client does not have it’s own junk filter, so I’m afraid this is gonna be a server issue.
You can check if any of the email addresses that end up in junk are in the blacklist (Tools > Rules > Blacklist), if there are any email addresses that are not supposed to be there, remove them and they should not be filtered again unless you click on the “move to junk” button.

Thank you,