Junk Mail Dots Won't Go Away

The three dots beside the Junk Mail folder (see photo) that are supposed to indicate that there is some junk mail in the folder, will not go away. This just started with the latest update. There is definitely no junk mail in the folder, but nothing will great rid of them. I have done both warm and cold boots. Is there anyway that I can remove them? If not, is there any way to revert back to the previous version?


Yes, I think this is a bug that showed up in 8.1, and is particularly noticeable with slow connections.

You can revert to an earlier version by uninstalling eM Client, then downloading and installing the previous version from the Release History.

FYI I have not seen the same behavior in a testing version of 8.2, so maybe it has been fixed. :wink:

Thank you Gary. I have the latest version 8.1.979 installed. I will revert to an earlier version and see if it goes away. FWIW, I am on the fastest connection available. :wink: I usually wait awhile before I update programs, but did the latest update right away this last time. From now on I will stick with a version that works.