Junk folder wrongly shows an unread message

my Junk folder shows that there is an unread message, but the folder is empty. I have done the “repair” several times, and have deleted and re-added the account. None of that solves the problem. Any other suggestions?

If you have an IMAP account suggest to go into your webmail via a browser and read that unread email from your Junkmail folder. Then close and re-open eM Client which will reflect the changes.

but there is nothing in the junk mail folder. It is empty. That’s what I said, The folder is empty. There is nothing in it. Nothing when I access it via webmail, or on my phone, or in emclient. It just says that there is an unread message. But there is no message.

Then If you also cannot see anything in your online email junkmail folder and you have already removed and the re-added your IMAP acct from eM Client then I would contact your mailbox support.