Junk filter. Really?

I have no google junk filters set.
I have not EM client filters set…

WHY are RANDOM (non junk) emails getting sorted and sent to my junk folder??
Honestly… I get bombarded wtih right wing bS non stop and that stays in my inbox and all of my important crap goes to Junk?|

And yes I have checked Gmail and my junk folder is empty there…

Hi Jeffrey,

Maybe you have some ‘rules’ set? (I know you have no ‘filters’ set)

Tools > Rules

I  have 4 rules set for sorting incoming mail to individual folders.  Non of witch have anything to do with the Junk folder.   There is one rule that I cant even look at as if I try the program says somthing about that I cant edit a rule that wasn’t created  by the wizard?

WHy on EARTH would there be a condition like this?

It’s kind of interesting. I have the opposite problem. Email from my Road Runner account that my old email client correctly identified as junk, eM Client lets pass right on through into my Inbox.

Yeah I am a little fed up with the bugginess of this application in general.
I hope that someone on the dev team can tell me why there is a rule named spam that I cant even edit or even see?

I most certainly did not create it and is in BOTH clients that I use

Who exactly created that rule and forced it down my throat ?
Is it a default rule?  If so, what possible justification could the dev team have for bot allowing the conditions of this rule to be viewed or edited?

I also have this ‘default’ spam rule which can not be edited. Actually I noticed this rule when I was looking for a cause of your issue and replying to this topic :slight_smile:

Yeah as a hobby programmer I find this convention abhorrent
I have rigorously, dissected a couple of the emails that this filter blocked and can not find a single word or phrase that would be commonly considered as spam in any way shape or form.

I hope that the Dev team responds to this.

In eM Client’s defense, my old email client had built in “filters” that identified predictive spam, and you couldn’t “see” what those rules were either. Having said that, the big difference is that they seemed to do a much better job of correctly identifying the real deal, and not letting obvious junk through.

Hi, eM client does not have a junk filter, the Spam rule you can see in Rules is a server rule. If your server doesn’t support it, it shouldn’t be displayed. That’s why it can not be edited as this is the filter on the server.
eM Client can only move email to the junk folder if you’ve manually blacklisted the email address/domain when you’ve received a spam message.

Thank you,

I have 4 rules based on single addresses to filter specific emails that I can not unsubscribe too,  My email address was own by a putz that is too lazy to go into these accounts and disable these emails and the companies will not cooperate with me.

I get a TON of random emails that go into the junk folder that have nothing what so ever to do with these above filters.

So there is no way to ignore the fact that something is dramatically broken.

And I have checked Google and there these same emails are not being filtered from them as they remain in my inbox.

Hi Jeffrey,

maybe the e-mails which end up in your ‘junk’ folder are from senders in your black list?

Hi Jeffrey, can you make a screenshot of the issue? What rules are you using to sort out emails to the junk folder.
You can also go into Tools > Settings > Advanced and turn on IMAP logging for the problematic account(s).

  1. Save the settings
  2. Restart the application
  3. Replicate the issue
    When the issue occurs and you see that some messages were incorrectly sorted to the junk folder, go back to the advanced settings window and click on “Send Logs” and send the logs to [email protected] with a reference link to this forum topic. Also please include information such as what email has been sorted to what folder (the email you believe should remain in the inbox).

Thank you,

IM putting together a freebsd box to capture the packets. I want to see everything.

the rules that I am using are simply to move messages from certain people into folders… I.E.  email from  [email protected] into a folder named Doctorx.

I close to being done with this whole thing.  I have missed important emails because if this spam filter that I suspect is the cause.

I wrote a simple mail app in vb 6 that I might replicate in .net.

Hi Jeffrey as I mentioned before, eM Client does not have a spam filter, the only spam filter eM Client is using is connected to the blacklist as Hans suggested, but blacklist contains addresses/domains that have been manually marked as spam.

You can check / edit the blacklisted addresses/domains in Tools > Rules > Blacklist.

Thank you for understanding,

Well then suppose you tell me how it is that all of the em clients that I use have this editable filter that I did not create?

And agian I have ONE blacklisted address… there is NOTHING to check

only one address in my black list.

Here is a couple days worth of emails removed… see a theme?
See ONE email specified in the black list.!

The only thing below that is not a political organization is Craftsman club, which btw I do belong too.

There is NO reason for any of this

Opps that was supposed to say NON editable filter. 

Hi again Jeffrey as I previously mentioned the “Spam filter” displayed in the Rules section is not an eM Client’s spam filter, this is the spam filter used by your server, that’s why it can not be edited in eM Client.
As this is not a spam filter rule created in the application, it is a server rule.

In order to resolve the issue, please follow the instructions above and send me the logs from when this issue occurs.

Thank you,