Junk filter moving emails I have not blacklisted

Hi, EmClient has started moving emails to the junk folder I have not blacklisted. When I choose move back to inbox and unblacklist email or domain, they still keep getting moved…

Any ideas? Does the spam filter work on this email client? 

It may be your email server that is moving them to Junk.

After logging in to the account using the web interface for your email provider, you could try declassifying them as spam that way.

Hi, its only just started doing this, have had it installed around a month now and been working fine…I have not made any rules or settings changes on my email server? 

There are only two ways eM Client can move messages to the Junk folder, and they are both Rules. Disabling them will confirm how they are being moved.

Go to Menu > Tools > Rules and disable both the Blacklist Rule and the Spam filter Rule. If messages are still being moved, then it is your server that is doing it.

OK, so tried that and now its all OK…so it should be a problem with the email client not the server…where do I go from here, as not being able to have a spam filter is a little irritiating…

Hi, OK, all I have been doing is right clicking on obvious spam emails and selecting “Move to junk folder and blacklist domain/email” This was working fine, however it then started moving emails that I had not listed into the junk…and even when I select the option to move back into inbox and unblacklist domain etc, they were still going into the junk folder…
I should add, that upon checking just now, after I turned off the spam and blacklist options, there are still emails going into the junk folder…these are from senders I have previously blacklisted. But not apparently any that i did not want to be in there… 

If the messages are still going to Junk after the Rules are turned off, then it is an action performed by your server.

Hi, I dont understand how this works then. I have not done or set anything at my server, and when I installed the emclient software, again, did not set the spam filter on or anything. I used the software and found the option to “Move to junk” and started using it. Seemed to be working fine, for several weeks, just moving the selected emails and any subsequent emails. Then last week, it suddenly starts moving emails I have not selected ( or set up any new rules etc) …so I turn it off as suggested here and the problem with the wrong emails being moved stops, yet still spam emails are being moved. 

You say its my server doing this, but all through this, I have not done or changed anything on my server, simply the emclient software as described. 

So how does me turning on and off the options make my email server start doing this? 

If the Rules are disabled in eM Client, then this application CANNOT move messages to the Junk folder. That is impossible unless you have maybe created another Rule to do that.

My advice; close eM Client and stop using it for a day. Login through the web interface and do your messaging that way. Observe if the messages are still being moved to the spam folder. Most email providers have spam filtering enabled by default, so it would not have been something you purposely enabled.