Junk email is bugged, can not be deleted, moved, marked as read, etc.

I have 19 emails stuck in the Junk E-mail folder in one of my email accounts. It happened after I updated from eM Client 6 to 7.

The 19 junk emails are marked as unread, they can not be marked as read, deleted, moved, or anything like that. When I try any of those things, I will click the button but nothing will happen.

Also, pressing “Empty Junk Folder” does not delete these messages.

When I mark another email as junk, that email will work fine and it will even be deleted when I press “Empty Junk Folder”, but these 19 are bugged and nothing can be done with them.

I have tried restarting the program, I tried intentionally crashing the program in the hopes that the data file verifier would repair it without success. I also tried enabling logs but nothing is shown in the logs when I try to perform an action on these 19 bugged emails.

Is there a way to manually remove them from the data files?

The 19 emails only seem to show when in Conversation Mode, as soon as I disable it they disappear, but when I turn it back on they appear again.

Just a curious thought that may or may not help, but have you checked the actual email account, itself, by going to where you would have gone to view emails when you did not use an email client program to see if those pesky junk emails still exist?  Could they need to be manually deleted from there for some reason? 

I’m using POP3, these emails only exist in eM Client, they do not exist on the email server.

I’m having a saimilar issue. Junk email when deleted, reapears in my inbox as uneread. I have had to re-delete these from the inbox and then remove them from the trash (long process). I am not having this issue with any of my other devices using different mail apps or when I go online to sort through my account. This is definatly a problem with eMclient app.Long story short, I am now going to uninstall this app as there are plenty of other viable choices out there that work.