Junk email folder is junk.

I received an email on Friday and it’s now in the Junk Mail Folder.I’ve only ever put two emails into junk mail and this isn;t it.I put them there on Saturday and today I got another email from the same people and marked it as junk and blacklisted the domain and I think I lost two emails that arrived a few seconds later. I can’t be sure but I think I saw 2 more emails coming in as I was marking the other one to Junk.

Mails rules will only apply when all messages has finish downloading/sync. You’ll have to wait for any Send/Receive task is over for the mail rules to apply. Mail rules won’t kick in during the process of send/receive.

Wait for the task to complete and rules to apply, than check the Junk folder and Inbox to see if any mails went to junk folder correctly/incorrectly.

So when I clicked on the email and sent it to Junk, I shouldn’t have done that? Most people would expect that to work. If I can click on it, hasn’t it arrived? If I lost emails because I clicked on the first one, where did they go? If I didn’t, then what was wrong with what I did? Do you expect everyone to have the Send and Receive screen showing in case they get 2 emails? I’m sorry, it doesn’t seem right to me. I had trouble moving an email out of the Outbox too, when my provider went down. I moved it to the Drafts folder and it was marked as sent when it hadn’t been and I had to forward it.

  • You can sent to junk, but as you mentioned, you already have that domain under the rule. The message hasn’t move to junk yet because it still busy download the rest of the mails from your account. This was the way eM Client was designed. It would make more sense if rules is being processed by per message instead of per account. You can put this as a suggestion on the forum.

  • No mail should be lost unless a delete action has taken place. Do a search and see where the mail is.

  • You don’t need the Send and Receive window to know the program status. There’s a status bar at the bottom, left indicating the current process in text if any, and there’s a progress bar on the right.

  • If your ISP is down, you can just leave the e-mail at Outbox. It would send the e-mails automatically once eM Client have access to internet. Moving e-mails out of the Outbox, eM Client at the moment would treat the mail as a standard mail instead of mail yet to be send (draft). You can raise this issue as a suggestion. Beside that, eM Client should have no trouble moving mails from one folder to another.

I hadn’t blocked it them. The message was all downloaded or I wouldn’t have been able to click on it. I’ve clicked on messages before while others were downloading and it worked. That’s why I thought it was transferring from one folder to another that was the problem. I really don’t think emails should be marked as sent before they are sent. I already have a complaint about some people who say they’ve emailed me 7 times and I got nothing from them. Marking emails as sent is deception unless they’ve been sent. Please mark them as sent when you put them into the sent items folder, not when they go to the Outbox. If I shouldn’t be allowed to read mail while I do a send a receive, you should stop me from being able to do it. I hope I didn’t lose any mail. I know the program will send the email if I leave it there. I didn’t want to,OK?

I’m fairly sure I didn’t lose any emails. Please don’t mark emails as sent until they have been sent. Thanks for your help.

I just moved an email to my drafts folder because it wouldn’t send and was in my outbox. My server wouldn’t accept it. I think it may be my modem. I moved it from the Outbox so that I could try a different email address. I thought I may have got something wrong but that email wouldn’t send either.However, when it started working again, I forwarded it from the drafts folder because it’s marked as sent, then noticed a bunch of emails in there that weren’t there yesterday and never have been in the drafts folder. How does this make you feel?