Junk E-mail error

I keep getting this error:

[IMAP]Creating or updating folder ‘/Junk E-mail’ failed due to the following error: Duplicate folder name (Failure)

How do I fix this? This is a gmail account.

A common solution with Gmail accounts is to remove the account from eM Client in Menu > Accounts, then add it again. That will re-sync all the folders and data with the server and the error should not reappear.

Ugh. There’s no way to resync without removing / adding account? I’ve got a lot of signatures, filters I’d rather not have to redo.

It’s more than just resyncing the account.

You shouldn’t lose your signatures and filters by removing the account. But if you want to make sure, you can export the settings first.

Do that through Menu > File > Export


As always, before removing an account, make a backup using Menu > Backup.