Junk controls

Hi! I am new to eM Client… version 3.5. So far I like it but I am trying to figure out how the spam/junk functions work.

I have been using Thunderbird, and you could “teach it” to get rid of spam. Is there a way to do that in eM Client?

What does the “Move to Junk” button do? What does it mean to “blacklist email” or “blacklist domain”?

I tried the “blacklist domain” function on spam emails that I keep getting, but it did not stop future spam, it just moved the 1 email to junk.


Move to junk simply only moves the e-mail to the junk folder. This is use with IMAP e-mail service where automatic filter are applied. Such as Gmail.

Blacklist e-mail blocks exact e-mail address that you have chose.

Blacklist domain means it will block the domain name of the address from the e-mail you chose. Eg. If you have chose to block from a sender jon@spam.com, it would block all mails send by @spam.com from the actual senders e-mail headers.

Thanks! That’s what I thought. I’ll have to play around with it more, I guess.

Can I maintain blacklist? How? Where?



Via the menu -> Tools -> Rules -> Blacklist.

Yeah but, it is such a pain to do it that way.

If you’ve been using eM for a while your blacklist is massive an scrolling through the alphabetized list in a no re-sizable window is a pain. Why not make some better tools? At the very least a re-sizable window to ease the eye strain but perhaps a search function.

You can always post on this forum as a suggestion of new feature.