junk box empty

junk box empty - The Junk E-mail simply disappear, and do not appear in the Junk folder! I had the occasion recently to request a password re-set from a company and that went repeatedly straight to Junk and there was no way that I could check this, as it disappears from the Junk folder! Could anyone help, please?

If you login to your email account using your provider’s web interface, are the messages there in the junk folder?

Thanks Gary for your interest and sorry for my delay in replying.  I could not answer your question as I cannot access my E-mail provider’s web interface.  It is a bit complicated concerning provider’s web interface.
Initially, all the junk E-mail were shown in the Junk folder, but as they mounted up in this folder I decided to delete them.  After doing so all the subsequent junk E-mail simply did not show in this folder and did not become available for viewing!
If you cannot help further, it does not really matter as on the whole it is a small matter.
Thanks and best regards,

One thing you could try is to right-click on the Junk folder in eM Client, and choose Properties > Repair. This will force a resync of that folder with the server.