JPEG attachment preview problem


I have been using eM client for about 1 month.
I am trying to solve an issue almost since the beginning with no success.
Here is the problem:
when I send an email that has a JPEG (jpg) file attachment with eM client from
this PC, the person that receives this email does not have a preview of the JPEG attachment
on the email page. This problem does not happen with other image formats.
I hope someone has an idea of what is going on, I certainly would appreciate hearing from you.

P.S. I do not have this problem with eM client on my other PC.

Have a good day,

Amicalement, Frenchy

If received by eM client, there is no preview at all on the page on this PC and other PCs


Further testing seams to indicate that the PC is not the problem. Jpg attachments sent using two other clients installed on this computer are received with normal previews.
This problem might seem negligible to some of you, I am evaluating eM client for a photography club. Photographers regularly send jpg sample photos to be evaluated by their clients. Furthermore all functionalities of a program should “function” normally.

So far the e-mail program that we prefer is eM client but we need to resolve this issue before I make my final recommendations to the photography club.

I need help to resolve this issue, guys.

Thank you, Frenchy

sorry for the late reply, what version of eM Client are you using?
Do you get any errors while sending the email, any kind of information would help.

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your response. The version that I am using is 6.0.19861.0 and no I do not get any error message.
I tried everything I can think of and nothing seems to help. I don’t know how many times I went through all of the settings, I also tried reinstalling eM client, nothing seems to help!
Is there a way that I can send you an email with a small .jpg attachment, so you can see the problem for yourself?
Personally I am totally out of ideas, I must admit that this issue has me completely beat.

Thank you for your help.

Have a good day, Frenchy

can you please send the message to and also export the message from your ‘sent’ folder as an .eml file and send it in attachment as well?

Thank you,

For those of you who are following or reading this topic, yesterday I sent the two requested messages to the email address mentioned above.
Hopefully it will help resolve this puzzling issue.


Issue resolved,
here is the report from eM Client support:

we’ve remotely connected to your desktop and successfully fixed the issue.
It was caused by some image viewing application on your computer which deleted some files that shouldn’t be deleted.

I hope everything will work fine from now on.

Check back with us on the forum if you experience any more issues.

Best regards,
Paul McGregor.
Technical Support
eM Client”

Last weekend I did make my recommendations to the photo club, eM Client
was number 1 on a list of 3 clients. This issue was only on one PC, it did not affect the
top rating of eM Client.

Thank you to Paul McGregor and the eM Client team.

Best regards, Frenchy

Was it a photo with a virus inside?

No, it wasn’t the issue was caused by missing data in the register files, nothing serious, it was fixed in no-time.

We’re glad you like the application.

Thank you,

Thanks :slight_smile: