Joining Data from 2 PCs

i had a working Emclient on a W10 computer that doesn’t connect to exchange 2007 anymore
some of the mails are under the “archive” structure of EM client.

the 2nd computer W11 still works with the same exchange. but auto archiving is not activated.
how do i transfer the Archive structure from the W10 to the W11 pc
would backup on W10 and
restore on W11 overwrite any mails? i don’t care for the settings(skin,coulors, etc)

You could eg: try dragging the archive folder or folders onto your Win 10 desktop or a desktop folder, and then copy that to an external drive. Then drag them back into eM Client on your Win 11 PC.

Note:- Backup eM Client though before doing the above incase of any problems. Click “Menu / Backup”. You can see when the backup is complete via “Show / Operations” in the dropdown next to Refresh.

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Thanks, seemed to have worked in a way.
Some irregularities but the overarching goal was achieved.

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