Job Title Not An Option in Import Field

Job Title does not seem to be an Import option in EM Client. Is this true?

Job Title ought to be fundamental.

Hi, not all fields are possible to be imported or synchronized. For example with Google’s contacts not all fields from eM Client’s contact’s card will be synchronized to the server.

Can I ask which way or how exactly and from what service/client you are trying to import your contact? It might me solved by some workaround.


I’ve just imported my contacts from CSV file. Job Title is indeed missing in the available fields list. This is quite strange because it is obviously not a tecnhical issue and all the fields could have been included…

Hi Sergey, while importing your data have you been asked to confirm which column of your CSV file is used for which field? Have you selected Job Title as the field for this column?
What version of eM client are you currently using on your computer?

Thank you,

Paul, thank you for your response.

I’ve just downloaded eM client and this was my first thing to do, importing an address book.

So I’ve prepared a CSV, opened up import dialog, but when I click on a column title, I just cannot select Job Title, it is not there.

Sorry for Russian screenshot. Believe me, Job Title is not there.
Might be localization issue?

I temporarily solved my problem by importing CSV into Outlook and then exporting PST, and again importing PST into eM. That way Job Titles were properly imported.

Hi again Sergey,
it seems like you’re right and it is not possible, I believe it should be possible to import these kind of data by using the “Resolve fields type from the first line” option, however while using Job title for the first line, eM Client was unable to resolve this column. Thank you for reporting the issue to us, I’ll report the issue to the developers and hopefully the issue can be resolved in an upcoming update.

Thank you for understanding and sorry for the inconvenience,

Paul, actually I’ve tried checking that option while having corresponding first line. Didn’t worked also.

Thank you for your helpful support.

Hi again Sergey, just as I noted, I’ve tried to use this feature with the Job Title field, but I was also unsuccessful, we’re working on resolving the issue.

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Hi Sergey,
I’ve reported the issue to the developers, I’ve just been informed the issue will be fixed in future update of the application.

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its not yet fixed?? a year later???

Hello Michael,
unfortunately this problem is not fixed in the current version of eM Client, but the changes to accommodate this have been made in the upcoming version 7 (which was originally planned to be released much earlier, that’s why the fix hasn’t been made in version 6 as well).
We are sorry for the inconvenience.