japanese fonts

Hi: I have eM Client (full/lifetime upgrades) installed on two computers. One I just got this week. The application is working fine except for something odd that I can’t figure out.

I work and receive mail in Japanese and English. On my old computer (same eM Client version) this all looks correct, but on the new computer the mails display two different fonts (it’s a bit hard to explain the difference if you don’t read Japanese but it’s like the mail is a mix of some words in Ariel and some in Times Roman). I’m sure this is fixable, but I don’t know where to look.

Thanks! DGI

Hello David,

In this case, could you please export this message into .eml (right-clicking the message, selecting ‘Save As…’) from both the old computer and the new one and send them to [email protected] with a link to this thread? Enclosing screenshots from both computers would be ideal.

Thank you,


Thank you. I’ll send along the messages shortly, but I actually think there’s a way to learn more. If I send the same message from the two different computers I suspect they’ll look the same when they arrive. However, just today I noticed that mail from another of my Japanese correspondents looked completely correct in the newer installation, which leads me to believe that the problem stems from the sending platform, and is just interpreted differently when it reaches this newer computer. Perhaps I’ll include all three mails.

For the moment, let me include two innocuous passages from a recent mail that illustrate what I’m talking about. It will be clear which is which, and you’ll easily see the two different font faces.

Actually, what you see displayed here is 3 different typefaces, as far as I can tell (the diff. between two of them is subtle and may have to do with the different screen resolutions). The bottom is from my 4K display.

Thanks again, DGI