IWDC -use of the client for business / corp. environment

Is it possible to use GPO for client installation/settings?

How can I pepare a setup for new clients with standard settings like Outlook or Thunderbird/Ligthning?

How can I rename the account description? As example after a wedding? On the Icewarp server I can simple rename the account but what’s with all the clients, shared folder settings a.s.o?

How can I prevent the desktop client settings of “user modifications”?

How can I remote control the desktop client?

Yes, it is possible to install the MSI file using GPO.

We don’t support pre-initialized settings, but as long as you configure the SmartDiscover technology on the IceWarp server it is possible to create account using just email address and password.

Yes SmartDiscover is one part (just for new installation), on the other hand we have colour schema, refresh rates, templates, signatures and some other settings for the program…

Also it can happen our female colleagues change their names after the wedding and I need to update all clients… or we hire new people

I’m not sure about GP settings, as eM Client do store the setting in a file, its possible to copy&paste it. Though I haven’t try it. The file is most likely the main.dat

You can’t prevent user from change settings in eM at the moment.

You can remote control desktop client like any other windows program via Windows Remote Desktop, or any other 3rd party VNC/Remote control software.

Ive’ started to analyse the main.dat but the accounts details are stored in blob streams and I couldn’t find s fast way to change the settings because after all my “updates” of the blob the client wouldn’t start.

Maybe a checksum or hex values, whatever?

RDP,VNC yes I know, but please try to do this on 30 clients just after a new surname of one employee.
You have to connect to each single PC, delete the shared account (you cannot rename it) create a new caldav-account, restore by hand the account settings…
You have to work nearly a full day for this.

The only thing in office environment is to setup a server where server side can do as much customization as possible. There’re unfortunately, will be things you have to setup manually on client-side. Consider 1 day lucky. Within Anglo group, every time some one get a new laptop, the laptop will be within the IT department for at least 3 days minimum.