IWDC -shared user accounts

I’m not sure if this is a problem or just a question here…

for shared user accounts I’ve added to my webclient I get an account entry at the left list at the emclient email tab - so far so good.

But for a shared account with an calendar only I get this email entry at the desktop client too.
For a shared group account with a calendar sharing only I don’t get this “wrong” entry.
So the ACL at the server is the same for both - but the not group account is “wrong visible” at the email tab with “~name@domain.com”.

How can I fix this?

Hello Dan,
the client generally lists all folders enumerated by the server. Therefore, if you see a group listed in the Mail section, it was sent through IMAP from the server. This is something server’s support should be able to help you with.

Please note, that this forum is for users of eM Client with free licenses. For requests specific to IceWarp interoperability or IceWarp Desktop Client, I believe it would be better to contact IceWarp support.

Best Regards,

The reason for this is that referencing the client as IWDC in every post may be confusing for all the other users. I hope you understand.

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