IWDC -menu option visible but always disabled

Whats behind the tools --> “icewarp options”? It’s grayed out and I can’t find anything about…

At the origin emClient isn’t such a menue item.

The item is disabled because you didn’t configure any IceWarp account using the automatic discovery (also called SmartDiscover in IceWarp documentation). The option allows advanced configuration of IceWarp email accounts (server-side rules, automatic replies, etc.).

Really - this will be a good option but the SMartDiscover didn’t find our server or it’s disabled because the Thunderbird could’t use it and we imported the Thunderaccounts at all.

It doesn’t work for imported accounts, you have to create a new account with the automatic discovery option (using just email and password). The server needs to be properly configured to support it, all the details are already covered in the IceWarp server documentation.