IWDC -language files of the client

How can I modify the language files for desktop client?

because some texts and translations are miserable and misleading…

Also I need to create/change the answer and forward templates.

Instructions to your own localization is avalable at http://www.emclient.com/localization .
I am afraid you can only set your own template through menu Tools->Settings->Templates and Signatures, section Mal Templates and change reply and forward subjects in Tools->Settings->Send, New mail format section.

My problem is that your presetting text for an german answer is “orginal Nachricht” but it should be “Original Nachricht”…

And there are some other missleading translations. So some colleagues can’t use the addressbook for sending emails because your german translation for the search box label is too long and wrap so the searchbox itself is behind the address list…

Your column header for first name and surname in address lists in german both “Vorname” which means first name and no surname column…

This is what I want to translate for my german colleagues. Your description tells me how to translate the whole localization. I need just a part of them as an fix of the existing dll.

Hello, we are going to fix these issues in german localization immediately. Most of these are in fact fixed in internal 3.5 builds. Can you please provide a screenshot with too long text in address book. I am not able to reproduce it.
We can send you actual source files for german localization, but it would be complicated to track changes and updates from multiple sources, so if you send us a list of issues we’ll be able to fix them almost immediately.

Here it is:

Sehr geehrter Herr Dan,

vielen Dank für die ganzen Informationen bezüglich der deutschen Lokalisation. Die meisten Fehler sind mittlerweile behoben. Sollten Ihnen weitere Dinge auffallen. Dann wenden Sie sich bitte direkt an mich und ich werde mich dann sofort darum kümmern, dass dann alles auch richtig auf Deutsch ist.



This (screenshot) should be fixed in version 3.5 Beta 1.

My colleagues told me that the “operation” dialog should be verified - specially the button description.