IWDC -Invitation list?

If I use my calendars I get a calendar entry on the left pane for “invitations(11)” but how can I see the invitations in calendar view or dialog or wherever?

It looks likte the invitions are also shown for all shared folders I’ve enabled.

Can I disable this entry?

This feature is primarily meant for servers that support automatic scheduling (http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-desr…), such as Apple servers. On these servers the invitations to new events are added directly to the user’s calendar and one has to go there and mark the event as either accepted or declined.

In eM Client / IceWarp Desktop Client the Invitations folder shows up whenever there is any event of which you are attendee and at the same time you didn’t accept or decline it. All such events are displayed in the invitations folder.

When running against IceWarp Server the folder usually doesn’t appear since the server doesn’t support automatic scheduling and the standard IceWarp clients don’t add such events to the calendar. It is however still possible to manually add events that would appear as invitations, possibly some 3rd party clients do it.

we used Thunderbird and Icewarp webmail before. But as we started with icewarp calendar the invitation wont work. So maybe this are old invitations. How can I delete/clear this?
Or is there an option to hide this folder, because it’s misleading

It will hide itself if you mark the events in it as accepted/declined or if you delete them.

How can I find these events?

Just open the Invitations folder and go to Agenda view.

OK found, thanks!