IWDC -Functionalities of desktop client

How can I disable the skype and instant messaging?
I tried to delte the dll files but the menu entry even though shown for instant messaging.

Is it possible to get a installer without all the unsecure/spyware/data collection addons?

Our company rules doen’t allow the p2p connections - so I don’t want to see such a function.

There are no spyware and data collection addons in IceWarp Desktop Client installer. It is possible to disable Skype interoperability in Tools -> Settings -> Skype, but as long as Skype is not installed it makes no difference.

It is impossible to disable the instant messaging functionality, but it doesn’t connect anywhere unless you setup an XMPP account. It’s not P2P.

What I mean is the menu item “Instant Messenger” is still there even if I disable skype.
The same with accuwether - I can’t disable it. It’s nice, I use it on my smartphone too, but for the offical company rules… I get lots of entrys at the firewalls log.

For my boss it’s a important question.
On one hand he do not allow p2p,skype,ICQ, a.s.o and on the other hand we “distribute” a program with a functionality for to all colleagues.

Also we can not secure the settings dialog based on AD rights or password levels.

The menu item Instant Messaging will always be there. The menu item however would all be greyed out. Em need to make an option to disable the accuwhether though.

Personally I don’t recommend eM Client for Corp environment. I’ve bought this up over other topics before, things like AD right, password lever, user control are not available in eM.

Exactly thats what I miss, It can’t be a rule in the world that a company have to use M$ Exchange… definitly not!

My way can be also a remote console like the virus scanner console - I don’t need AD but I need centralized management for such programs.

Yeah, but the reality is you are going have to use MFE or you going to be missing something that all other is using. Much like you’re forced to upgrade Windows eventually, upgrade your Office eventually. You have no idea how much stuff I’m forced missing out by not using facebook - just an example.