I've assigned incoming messages to various folders, but the messages don't get copied to their assigned folders???

I’ve assigned incoming messages to various folders, but the messages don’t get copied to their assigned folders???               

Are you using a rule to do this?  Perhaps you can post a screenshot of the rule and we can help.

Yes, using rules.  I’ve tried to attach examples of the complete process below, but only the first one seems to be attached.

If you could just print a screenshot of one rule detail (that does not work), that would help.

By the way, I generally like to create rules on the actual webmail (I use Gmail).  That way, whatever client I am using the rule has been processed and I don’t need to recreate them if I change clients.

None of the rules shown work.  Using webmail sounds like a good idea, but I have Spectrum, and it doesn’t provide for folders.  I’ll try again below.

I’m not really a rules guy (I do searches), but if your provider does not support folders (do they support categories?) and you are using IMAP, I’m not sure how rules would work.  What happens at  synchronization, when the folder does not exist on the server?  It seems it might revert back to the server structure, effectively eliminating the rule.  maybe someone that has more experience with rules can help.

Also, Smart folders may be a good option for you, as that displays what you select in a different view without creating folders (essentialy a saved search query).  Please let us know if you need help with that.

DonW, what happens if you manually copy the message to one of those folders by right-click and copy to folder? Does it work, or do you get some error? Is it still there after restarting eM Client?

Folders in eMclient do not work reliably or not at all. Support is nothing but hot air. What a useless piece of rubbish.

Martin, Pro Support is really good. They respond quite quickly based on the priority you assign to your ticket. They are always helpful.

Can you explain a bit more about what is not working with Folders?

Of course. I make the rule as described, the user interface is simple and clear. Then it puts exactly 1 message from people (from the address) into the folder. Nowhere can I direct the 50, 550 or 5550 already received messages from that address into the folder.  It seems I need to do this one by one?

Rules only apply to messages as they are received in the Inbox. It does not apply to existing messages that were there before the Rule was setup. To apply the Rule to those, right-click on the folder and choose Apply Rule. Once you have done that, all new messages that arrive and match the Rule will be handled.