I've alot of problems/questions about the emclient

but I use the Icewarp desktop client and it looks like it is a fork of your em-client.

Can you please answer my questions there, because I don’t want to reopen all threads again…


Have you find out the answer yet? I’m also curious… But from both of the company profile and product, it seems IceWarp started earlier than eM…

Yeah, tried out of curiosity. Looked like IceWarp is using a re-brand eM Client. They may have their own software before, but I think they decided to outsource from other company. Only different is IceWarp offer volume licensing where as eM Clint don’t offer it - at least not out on the open.

Yes, for me it is definitly a fork of eM, at the Icewarp client it is just one menu option more… but always disabled so I don’t know whats behind.

Also one commonality for boith companys - I don’t get any answer for my threads… they release within the next couple of weeks a new version and I’ve a lot of usability and user friendly settings I miss.

The questions how to implement our company rules, security settings and remote control of the clients are important for me to decide eMclient for all or not.

I think you’ll need to wait for the new version. As it now, there’s lots of features that is need for corp. environment does not exist in eM. Particularly their PIM part. Let cross our fingers for 3.5…

Yes let’s hope for the new version, but they have approximately 6 months between their release.

I know some of my problems/requests are not so easy to implement, for sure some usability things liek the gradient or shadowed colors at the events are simple.

So I don’t want to wait for the next release and I’d like to clarify such simple things for this next release.

Maybe now we get an answer for all this issues?

IceWarp is definitely using eM Client as their outsource. They have they own other product and are not affiliate with eM Client. Whatever issue there maybe need to be address here.

JFYI, we do offer volume licensing, see http://www.emclient.com/purchase at the bottom. There biggest difference in IceWarp Desktop Client and eM Client is the licensing system and the responsibility for support channels.

I can’t speak for IceWarp, but we do try to answer your questions. Keep in mind that this forum is for users of our free version and we can’t guarantee timely responses here.

I like say here at the “free em support” forum I get more and faster support than on my “paid” forum from Icewarp… they offer every day at the blog new features for the future release but absolutly don’t answer for current questions.

OK my first week here was also a bit frustrating because I didnt get an answer but now it is working really good.