It's okay to complain. It's not okay to be rude

Like everyone else, I don’t like it when things, especially apps, don’t work as intended.  If it’s a program that I paid for, I expect the problem to be corrected in a timely fashion.  Except for Microsoft, I don’t believe I’ve ever had a situation where the company didn’t eventually get it fixed.

After reading some of the posts complaining about the new version, I am amazed at how rude people can be.   I doubt if there are any people who want this fixed more than the programmers and support techs at eM Client.    

It’s unfortunate, but stuff happens.   Yelling in a post (all caps and multiple exclamation marks) isn’t going to make the support people work any harder, it merely adds to the stress they are already feeling.

Hi dickday-- I couldn’t agree with you more. Most people are using the free version (many or most contrary to the license agreement), yet they expect immediate resolutions and answers. Many of us that participate in this forum are just users trying to help and I know I avoid helping those with “bad attitudes”.

If you want immediate, personalized help, get the paid version. Emc is (in my experience) very fast and helpful to respond to those inquiries and they offer refunds if you are not happy. Actually, the response from Olivia on this forum is pretty quick and helpful-- how many free products can claim that?

I wholeheartedly agree.  I cannot imagine how anyone would want a job supporting complex software with a number of versions and different operating systems and setups.  It must be a nightmare and the guys that have responded to my requests and queries have been brilliant - emClient obviously take the support of their great product very seriously.

I am not sure why people in this present day think it is okay to be rude to others.  We seem to be spawning arrogant and narcissistic personality types in western culture.  Also, why would people think that being rude when requesting help would get them help?  In my experience all it does is the opposite and invites rudeness in response.

I am going to buy 2 licenses for my home… $65.  Many people spend that much for a night at the movies and dinner.   Yeah, there are some problems, but, compared to real problems (cancer, AIDS etc.) it hardly seems all that important when put into perspective.

Hello guys,

I logged in (I’m not around on the forum often these days anymore) just to say “Thank you” and not just from me, but from all of us here at the support team. 

While sometimes the solving of some pretty infuriating bugs and issues can take some time and inflame tempers, rest assured that no one wants these fixed more than us.

We consider ourselves lucky that we have such an active and helpful community here on the forums assisting us!