Items that appear in my online gmail inbox don't appear in em client inbox

Items that appear in my online gmail inbox don’t appear in em client inbox

Following thread.  My inbox is missing several emails that do appear online in my roadrunner account.  This problem just began a few days ago.

It may be that the folder was not completely synced. For Gmail accounts, right-click on the All Mail folder and choose Properties > Repair. For all other IMAP accounts, right-click on the folder that is missing the messages and choose Properties > Repair.

I feel like repairing the inbox is happening frequently. I’ve had to do this a lot even with V7 for my IMAP server. Emails would show up 100% of the time on Android email apps, but occasionally, emClient would not show a particular new email unless I off/online, restart the app, or repair the inbox.

I wish there was a way to adjust how this cache is happening with these IMAP folders.