Items not deleted from the inbox

I’m using eM Client with gmail.  I haven’t used eM Client in quite a number of months because of problems.  I just upgraded it to the latest version to see how things are going and have a new problem.  When I delete email from the Inbox, the items aren’t removed from the inbox.  The category shows “Trash” but that’s all.  If I go to the trash folder, the items show a category of “Inbox”. 

Hello Kevin,

Can you please make sure that in Gmail webmail settings -> Labels the “show in IMAP” checkbox is checked for Trash?

Thank you,

Thanks, that was it!

Here are some items regarding integration with google that I had noted previously that stopped me from using eMclient.  Any headway on any of these?

Show in groups doesn’t seem to work.

When opening a Contact, the form only show 1 email address and 2 phone numbers at a time.  You can get to all of them by changing/rotating the button label but a hassle because you want to see everything.

If you update a google contact two times in a row, on the second update the sync will display an error stating that the contact has be changed both locally and remotely (which isn’t true) and you have to choose to overwrite the remote entry.

The calendar doesn’t support the second notification option which is notification by email.  It also does not support multiple reminders, you only get one.  I like the way it scrolls the month view by one line, but it’s really easy to get lost as it doesn’t provide any clear differentiation between month divisions, so you’ll have half of one month on the screen, and half of another and it takes a few seconds to figure out where you’re at.

The “Agenda” feature is nice, but it shows every flagged email you have ever had, regardless of whether or not the email is archived.  Also, emails that are tagged as “starred” in Google will show up on the Google web email client if you use the inbox feature to show starred email.  However, in the default settings, these emails will show up twice in eM Client because it shows them both in the Inbox and in the Starred folders.  
 You will need to click on the cog symbol in the Agenda heading, then select “Choose folders” and limit it to your inbox.  One other issue with the Agenda is that it doesn’t provide any sort order.  It automatically sorts from oldest to newest.

Hello Kevin,

Thank you for the feedback. Below are comments on your observations.

The ‘Show in Groups’ feature allows you to group your items (messages, contacts etc.) in the central panel according to the column that is currently being used for sorting (e.g. if the messages are sorted by date, it will make groups such as Today, Last Week, …)

If this feature doesn’t work for you then it is of course a matter of concern and we would ask you for screenshots.

I apologize but I’m not completely sure where are you opening the Contacts from. Could you please specify and possibly post a screenshot?

As for the Google Contacts, we do apologize for the current inconvenience, we are now examining this matter further.

The calendar does support only one reminder, but when you snooze it, you can set the next reminder for e.g. a day or a week later, effectively using it to remind you twice.
E-mail reminders are currently not supported and this feature is not planned in near future.
The months are differentiated by a different color - alternating white and grey.

It is possible to choose the folders in Agenda because different users use it in different ways. There are many users who prefer to view all of their folders there.
I am not sure I understand how is eM Client’s behavior with regards to Starred e-mails different from Gmail’s web interface?

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