Items moved to Trash

First, this is the best mail client I’ve ever used. Can’t believe it took me this long to find it. So happy to bid farewell to Outlook and all of it’s bugs.

Just wondering about one thing… When I delete a message and it moves to the trash folder, it still lists the message as unread. It’s a little distracting. It would be nice if every message that is deleted is marked as read before moving to the trash. Not a big deal at all. Would just be nice.


hi, this is not planned, actually I find this behaviour logical, it is still unread - it does not matter where.

You can use quick shortcut ctrl + q to mark email (or selection of emails as read) or you can simply empty trash.


I agree with John - it’s a real nuisance to see the bold unread number next to the trash folder

  • there should at least be an option to automatically mark deleted mails as read

although “logically” it is still unread - when you delete it you no longer want to know if it is unread or not

Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider improving this in future releases.
However the unread/read flags are taken from the IMAP connection and since some users may use rules to move emails to trash, getting rid off the flag would create confusion for most users.

Thank you,

While I agree with Paul that changing the state to read would cause problems when using IMAP, it would still be a nice option for user like me that don’t use IMAP.  My accounts are set up for POP/SMTP only.  Please add a way to effect the “read” state when moving to trash.

If you’d like to mark your deleted messages as read, you should also be able to apply this flag to all messages in the folder, right click your Trash folder and select “Mark all messages as read”.


I am looking for this option also. Why not be able to make it as a rule. When a msg is deleted from (any) user Mark it as read. :slight_smile: