Items in the Trash folder still appear in their original folder too

em Client version 7.0.26482.0 dowloaded and installed yesterday on a brand new Windows 10 Enterprise laptop.

On marking any e-mail for deletion it doesn’t disappear from the original folder such as I am used to with em Client version 6.  Instead it gets marked “deleted” with a small box but it remains visible until I empty the Trash folder.

The only way I can get a mail marked for deletion to disappear right away from the original folder is to click and drag it to Trash with the mouse.  This is cumbersome.

What setting do I need to enable to ensure that when the Delete button is pressed the e-mails(s) in question get moved to Trash and disappear from their original folder at the same time?


Further info: The described behaviour happens with my gmail account in em Client V7 (SMTP and IMAP enabled) but not with (AirSync enabled) which behaves as expected.

eM Client Support:  A patient two days on, please can I have some support?  Thank you.