It started to work - now failing again!

I’m a new user and have had great success connecting to my Comcast account. However my other account (at is a nightmare. I’ve been having constant rejections of my credentials - and yesterday it all magically started working.  Yeaa!  NOT SO FAST MOOSE BREATH - this morning it was back to rejecting my credentials.  This does does not bode well for a bit of software of this age…   I guess I’ll need to keep on looking for something decent.

As someone with a web hosting company - the type of problems you are describing are typically not the fault of the client but the settings wrong from your hosting company.  First - hostgator is one of the worse hosts on the planet and are well known for timeouts and delays.   Second - chances are SSL if required and your certificate is a general cert for the hostgator server, not the and you probably have to change the mail server setting to match the cert owner.  And make sure your ports are correct for hostgators requirements.    That is not the fault of emclient is my guess.

Wow - a very shocking revelation on HG!  I’ve been with them for years and have always had great service.  That said - recently was using Postbox as my client, and I started getting strange access errors on the HG accounts. What service would you recommend? What is your company?

Alan - we only host a few thousand of our web customers and do not host for just anyone.   Hostgator became terrible when it was bought buy EIG about 4 years ago.  All of EIG hosting companies oversell and overload their servers.   There are so many factors on picking a host - we work on several and their are pros and cons.  I suggest avoiding any EIG hosts or godaddy because of overloading and overselling.  My point was not so much as hostgator is terrible as much as it was I would bet that problem is not with emClient and it is with your hosting settings.   Many of the hosting companies have recently (in the past 3 months) begun a big security upgrade trend and have changed many of their settings to only allow SSL connections and have tightened up the SSL certs.  So if your settings are slightly off - emclient is not allowed to connect to you host.

Ok - sounds interesting!  I am actually a VERY light hosting user.  I have a couple Wordpess web sites the people rarely visit…  actually only one is really active:  If that would fit in your system (and not to pricey!) perhaps I could join your service?   

I have been on the phone with HG several times and they mostly give a shoulder-shrug to my problem.  Thing is - it magically started working yesterday and today those settings are failing! 

I’ve been on HG well over 5-6 years - and originally they had super tech support. But I did notice an increase in the wait time and thought something was up.   :-(

Never did care for GoDaddy - dumb name and dumb site presentation! 

I do like eM and so will continue researching this - thanks for your input.