It is there a log of rules implemented

Is there any way I can view a log of emails deleted by rules?

One of mine is deleting emails from a certain address and I can’t figure out what would have triggered it.

Have you tried the following setting?
Menu > Settings > Advanced > Logging and check the RULES box…

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I hadn’t done that. I have now. I guess I’ll at least be able to find out from here forward. Many thanks.

Having enabled it, the resulting log doesn’t look like I’d be able to understand any of the data.

Your other option is to go through each Rule and find which one is referencing that email address or domain.

I did that, without any success. Which is why I posted the question initially.

The only rule I can’t check is the “Spam” one. Since the email in question came from Autotrader I suppose it might have triggered the spam rule. But the reason for the email was to notify me if a certain vehicle becomes available so it’s not like I can turn the spam rule off, as it could be days or weeks before I get a notification.

The Spam filter Rule does not delete messages. It finds messages that have been marked as spam by your server, but not already moved to Junk, and does that itself.

Ah yes. That makes sense. So the spam filter is not a problem.

I do have a rule that looks for certain words in the body of the email, but I’ve set it up with the usual culprits like “weightloss”, beneficiary" etc. I guess I’ll have to keep an eye on it. Maybe set it to move the emails that meet the criteria to spam for a while instead of deleting them outright.

Thanks for the help.

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