It is possible to exlude mails with ending "su" or other contries like China ?

If you mean in a Rule, this is possible using the header option, but the feature does not offer the condition to find and address ending with x, it only can find an address that contains x.

So your data is not unique enough to do this reliably. For example is you set a Rule to delete/move messages from an address containing .su, that would also include something like [email protected].

I would think this is a pretty common use case. Isn’t there any support for wildcards like *.xyz? I think this could be a deal breaker for me because blacklisting each domain is too much work.

There is if you use the header option. So the search would be From: .su  That is the same as *.su*

But as I said Rudolf’s data this is not specific enough to give reliable results. See my explanation above.

If you want to include a domain in a Rule, just use From: That will include the whatever domain and it’s sub-domains.

See It was a few years back and I know I gave a better explanation more recently, can’t find it now, but you get the idea.

Or might be better.

So in other words you don’t support wildcards…

The Rule does support wild cards, you just don’t enter them.

As I said above, From: .su is the same as *.su*.

Maybe let us enter them?


Isn’t is easier to enter .su than *.su*?

I want to be able to delete all email that has been sent from an email address like the following:

[email protected]

Using the following wildcard would work.


No one has asked for the following, this is your suggestion and it’s really clear that that won’t work.


My suggestion does work. Did you try it?

But anyway it is pointless to just add that domain suffix in a Rule. Like using .com

Rather create a Rule that uses  From:

One last try. If I use the following as I think you are suggesting


Then this will match stuff like

[email protected]
[email protected]

Clearly I don’t want to miss emails for difficult programmers. I don’t know how I could make this more plain. Thunderbird it is…

No, create create a Rule that uses  From:

Using just a domain suffix is crazy. What happens if somebody from a .pro address writes to you? Or do you create a message filter in Thunderbird ending in .com, when you want to match

I really don’t know how I can make it any more plain . . . .

Isn’t it my business who I want to get emails from? Your way would block more actually. I don’t want any email from a dot pro or dot xyz ever. The original poster doesn’t want anything from a dot su. Simple say no, we don’t support it. Don’t tell use what we do or don’t want to do. I’m really sorry I wasted so much time at this point.

Please don’t ask for advice on this forum if you are not interested in a reply.

You asked how to do something in eM Client, and I explained.

Besides manually creating a Rule so you can include sub-domains, which is the method I have described above and in the links I provided to my other replies, eM Client also has a blacklist feature for blocking domains. You can do that by right-click on the sender’s address. But they do not block top level domains for a reason. If you are stupid enough to block a whole top level domain, then so be it. If you block all addresses ending in .com because of, then you are correct - that is your business.