Hi developers, There have been some issues that are very annoying since your last upgrade. First, when eM Client is checking for mail, a box appears in the middle of the screen showing progress of checking for mail and synchronizing. When I am typing, I can’t see what I am typing because this box is in the way and I have to wait till it goes through it’s cycle…Second, when I respond to an email…another box pops up and asks me to choose what internet browser I want ie: (Microsoft Edge)…both are very annoying. This has been going on now for about 1 or 2 months and as I said, very annoying to the point I am writing you…and to the point if it’s not fixed, I’ll dump eM Client…Sincerely,

To answer your first question (although I am not a developer), you can turn off the “operations” window by going to menu/tools/settings/general and in the Operations Window section, un-check the “Show window on send and receive” option. For your second question, that sounds strange for just responding to an email. Maybe you don’t have a default browser set? This really sound like a Windows issue.

Hello Robert,
the first issue is just as Jay describes, just disable the option in Menu>Tools>Settings>General.

As for your second issue - I am not sure what could it be from the description.
Could you provide a screenshot of the popup?