Issues with zero-duration calendar objects

A) VEVENTs with zero duration (DTEND date/time equals DTSTART date/time) are hidden in day view and week/work week views. Such calendar objects only show up in month view. Reminders do pop up.

B) emClient doesn’t allow for creating such calendar objects. The dialog box displays an error message when I try to save the event.

C) emClient quietly updates the end time of the event on the server to 30 minutes after start when I close the reminder popup. It shouldn’t change data on the server unless the user requests it.

All the other clients I am using (Thunderbird, iPad, Outlook, Android phone) seem to happily support zero-duration calendar objects. I can’t find anything in RFC5545 that explicitly rules out such events.

I am using emClient 3.5.12280.0. I am synchronizing calendars using CalDav. I can provide logs or test data if needed.

we are aware of this issue - it is on our to-do list. Unfortunately next major release (4.0) will not contain this feature/fix. I am sorry for any inconvenience.

Best regards,

George Wilson
eM Client